Woo hoo! After 7 years we finally broke down and got a new ride – a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  See, two weeks ago we got a couple of inches of snow here in the mountains and our poor little 2WD truck couldn’t make it through our hilly neighborhood.  It spent a week sitting a mile away at the entrance while we waited on snow and ice to melt.  We had to rely on our neighbors 4WD Hummer or our UTV to get to it.  One morning we actually walked a mile in freezing 20° yuckiness while dragging our laptops to get to the damn thing. (Up hill – both ways!)  I think it’s safe to say we won’t have that problem anymore :)   Kinda looks like a Tonka Truck, doesn’t it?  Ya know, the big metal ones from back in the 70′s?

(Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view)

I think it’s time to go find us some mud! :)